Twisted Hero

You were brought into this life

Without knowing what it contained

And nobody gave you a chance

To be who you were inside

You always had to fight for love and fight for approval

It hurt you so deep inside

So deep inside

It became like a goal for you

To always look for trouble

Always to do what you were not to

What your father didn’t approve of

All you wanted was his love

But all he gave was money

So can anyone blame you

For doing the bad things you’ve done

But you are stronger now

You have put your past to rest

You’ve found love in a man

And has become a mother now

So give your children all your love

Give them what you never had

They will be grateful every day

Trust your hero inside!

The pas sometimes shows it’s face

You can’t always control it

But girl, you gotta hold on now

‘Cause you got something

Be aware of what you do

Don’t be afraid of what you are

A hero will come and give you strength

A hero you’ll find inside yourself

‘Cause you are stronger now…

But you are stronger now…

Trust your hero inside


Yeah – just trust – your hero – inside

Lyrics and melody by Franciska 2005

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