In the need of a hero

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At the time I wrote this song I have been working SO hard at my day job, that I actually ended up getting sick with anxiety, stress, and deep deep exhaustion. My body was so worn out that taking a walk made me suffer big time afterwards. My brain couldn’t manage even the smallest things, I slept badly, my heart was beating really fast most of the time, and I forgot everyday things like what the thing that kept all our food cold was called – the refrigerator. It scared the shit out of me, and me going down like that, screaming for help, but no-one could help me, made me realize some things: I am the one controlling my life! I am the one who has to say NO to things I do not want to do! I need to be a priority!! I am the hero in my life. No one… NO ONE can save me but ME!

Me getting there changed my life, so today I’m grateful that I got sick because it made me realize that life is a choice, and only I can make the choice!!!

Thank you, anxiety, stress and exhaustion, for opening my eyes!