Dear beautiful soul

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“Dear beautiful soul” from the album “Here’s to us”. Ready to download and enjoy forever.

Ten years ago in my job as a social care worker I meat this girl called Mai. She had been removed from her home cause her farther abused her sexually. One of the worst cases ever. When I meat her I didn’t know that that was the case, cause she was afraid to tell us. She was a really angry child and I had a lot of conflicts with her and so did my coworkers. But due to my stubbornness and love for this child I developed a healthy relationship with her. She left the institution I worked at and went in to a foster familie. When she felt safe there she told her foster mother what her farther had done to her. He went to jail.

I still talk to Mai and I am so proud of her! She got back on her feet and today she is a strong woman. I wrote “Dear beautiful soul” to let her, and other kids in the same situation  know, that it’s not their fault and that I see through them and right into their soul and see the love their made of.

Thank you Mai, for inspiring me, and for being who you are!