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Franciska a real life Rock Mama!

The strong front woman, has a super committed and well playing band behind her! Franciska = Rock. Old school rock, with a whole lotta woman power, fun and not to forget: pink glitter!

“The songs are catchy with a good deal of humor + a deep morale. All of this added to a very powerful voice.”words by a music expert in DR talent.

All the lyrics that I write and the music that I compose, are directly from the heart. I never sit down and think “now I want to write a song”. They come to me at random (sometimes inconveniently so, like when I’m driving on the motorway or waiting in line in a grocery store). I have a message in my songs, that I want to give to the world. A message about love, solidarity and about everybody having a place in the world. In my lyrics it’s oftentimes wrapped in humor or a deep authentic seriousness. I’ve always been “the odd one out”. Even whenever I tried everything I could to fit in. There’s nothing weird about me though. I am just an artist, and music is my language and my art form.

I LOVE my music. It is my therapy, my voice… the love of my life!

I keep hearing from my fans that my music isn’t “just music”. It enters the soul and embraces the heart, which is the biggest compliment I can receive from a fan. That I am capable of communicating and sharing this embrace and authenticity with my fans, by doing the things I LOVE, is the best of it all!

– Franciska

Franciska gets her inspiration from big names such as Halestorm, Pink, Skunk Anansie, Anouk and more.

Franciska released her first EP with 4 songs in 2016.

In 2017 she released 2 singles

And in May 2018 her debut album with 9 songs.

In 2019 her second album, called “Here’s To Us” was released. A record filled with depth, freedom and love and most of all ROCK’N’ROLL!!!

In 2020 she has so far released the single “Corona Getaway”.

A project the band did under the theme: together separately. Each musician recorded their pieces in their own homes or studios, and it was a fun little challenge in the corona pandemic times. It started out as a fun game, but became a truly AWESOME rock song.

On stage Francisk brings:

Jon Kobberup (Lead guitar), Stevie Dalla-zuanna (Drums), Parnuuna Kristiane Thornwood (Guitar/ backing vocals) og Søren Leo Kronvold  (Bas/Backing vocals).

Contact: Janne Franciska





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