Dear Beautiful Soul

You came into this life

Like any other vulnerable child

So beautiful and bright

With a soul so sweet and mild

You are not to blame

For the things that happened to you

Don’t be ashamed

You did everything that you could do

Your father didn’t teach you ´bout love

He only taught you how to survive

You’re in your right to blame him for

Fucking up your whole life

You prayed for a saviour

“Dear God, get me out of here”

You’re not responsible for his behaviour

A father shouldn’t  fill you with fear.

Dear beautiful soul – you look perfect to me

What he did was wrong – listen to my words and believe

You are not the one to blame

You should never feel ashamed 

Though you carry all the pain!

Dear beautiful soul – you look perfect to me

You are all grown up now

But the ghosts are still haunting you

You are strong cause you did survive

Remember that whenever you are blue

I see a beautiful woman

With a badly broken heart

But you are growing

Fighting to get a new start

Dear beautiful soul…. 

Lyrics and melody by Franciska January 2018

Download pdf: Dear Beautiful Soul

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