Corona Getaway

It won’t take you

It won’t break you

Side by side we’ll get by

Looking out on the World

And all the crazy things you see,

And it feels like a shadow coming down.

It runs over your face

And you’re thinking of escape

When you see the scattered towns

And you may want to run

But you know it makes no sense

so you feel you are lost in space and time

‘Cause there is nowhere to go

And there is nowhere you’ll be safe,

so your running in your mind

If you are down on your knees 

If you are losing control

If you are facing defeat

Corona getaway

It won’t take you 

It won’t break you

Side by side we’ll get by  / we’ll get by you and I

You may stay in the clear

or you may just stand the line

And it may, not end up the way you fear

Just as long as you know

That someone paid a price

And the price was paid with tears

Voice over:

When everything you know is changing

You recognize your childhoods fear

The monsters under the bed peaks out

A voice of comfort, you need to hear

Lyrics and melody by Jon Kobberup

Download PDF: Corona Getaway

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