Who is Franciska

Band members Franciska Wingreen - Lead singer, guitar: Jacob Dreyer - Drums: Søren Leo Kronvold - Bas, choir Jon Kobberup - Lead guitar Parnuuna Kristiane Thornwood - Keys, rythm guitar, keys

Franciska – Rock from the heart

Rock'n roll straight from the heart . My songs are my baby's, my diary, my heart. I write my soul out in each and every one of them and I LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE when my audience expresses that my songs have touched their souls! That is so amazing..Franciska https://youtu.be/O_vHwNwNA7k Mamma's…


We've been noticed! If you find a place we've been seen, don't hesitate to tell us here: Contact Franciska https://nordjyske.dk/nyheder/janne-raekker-mod-stjernerne/c813fd46-7b9a-4ef6-8e82-435eef18daae https://nibeavis.dk/lokalt/nibe/5704-franciska-overraskede-publikum-ved-release https://vesthimmerlandsfolkeblad.dk/nyheder/rock-mama-paa-toppedalskolen/efd42593-0bc1-4020-86a1-9430795552c1

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